Operations & Traffic Management

Operations & Traffic Management

Get the right information to take the appropriate decision in a timely manner and transform quickly and effectively decisions in actions: this is what road operators must do in order to control in an effective and safe way a so complex ecosystem like a highway.

Manage transportation infrastructures and the people who use them pose multiple challenges:

– ensure adequate level of services of the asset in every condition
– promptly react to events, such as accidents on the road, coordinating all the stakeholders involved to restore normal conditions as fast as possible
– predict in advance the impact of disruptive events like roadworks on traffic flows
– keep users informed

Based on the vast experience gained from operating a 1400 Km network of turnpikes and with the contribution of our partners, we developed a modular Operations & Traffic Management Platform able to support road operators in managing in an integrated and comprehensive way the activities of their Control Centers.

Given the future traffic growth trends, we think that the ability to manage in a dynamic way asset capacity and traffic will be key to solve future mobility challenges.
Therefore, we are investing in innovative solutions like adaptive decision support system driven by real-time analysis of context conditions (traffic levels, events, weather, roadworks) that will help road operator in managing events faster and in a more effective way than before.

The introduction of machine learning engine able to generate traffic trends and predictions based on combination of historical traffic data and real-time context analysis, will allow road operators to be proactive rather than reactive increasing the overall asset availability.