We are the technology company of ASTM Group, the 2nd toll motorway operator in the world and a global player in the engineering and construction of major infrastructural projects.

We gather together the technological expertise of the Group in the fields of Electronic Tolling, Intelligent Transportation Systems (roads, tunnels and bridges), Telecommunications and IT solutions.

About 900 toll collection lanes run on our solutions, processing about € 3 billion in economic transactions for over 500 million transits yearly and a road network of more than 1.400 km is managed with our operation and traffic control platform.

Today, thanks over 20 years of experience in developing, deploying and maintaining advanced technological solutions for the highway sector, we are actively involved in the digitalization process of Italian transportation infrastructures enabling road operators to face future mobility challenges like the introduction of connected-autonomous vehicles, electrical cars and new mobility models based on the digital interconnection of transportation services.

The development of innovative solutions for a safe and smart management of traffic and transportation infrastructures is one of our priority since we believe, in line with the Group vision, that the creation of a sustainable mobility model is a key prerequisite for the country growth and for the well-being of citizens.

Company Profile

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