SINELEC signatory to the Position Paper “Solutions for the Digitization of Road Infrastructure”

SINELEC signatory to the Position Paper “Solutions for the Digitization of Road Infrastructure”

SINELEC took part in the team, promoted by TTS Italia (the National Association for Telematics for Transport and Safety), involved in the enrolling a Position Paper entitled “Solutions for the digitization of road infrastructures,” which was presented on July 12 in Rome at an event that featured representatives of institutions and various trade associations. The Paper aims to present the position of the main players in the mobility sector in Italy on the topic of Smart Roads. The Paper’s objective is also to formulate proposals aimed at promoting the spread of road infrastructure digitization, through an analysis of successful experiences and critical issues encountered by the players involved.

The development of innovative solutions for the smart and intelligent management of traffic and transport infrastructures is one of the priorities of Sinelec, which, in line with ASTM Group, whose technological arm it represents, sees the creation of a sustainable mobility model as a key requirement for the growth of a country and the well-being of its citizens.

Sinelec, as a best in class player for the realization of advanced technological systems for highways that will accompany us into the future, has shared its experience, describing the project of technological innovation and ecological transition of the A4 Turin-Milan, which will transform the section into a digital, resilient and sustainable highway, among the most advanced in Italy and Europe, ensuring a longer life span, a better ability to respond to the effects of climate change and a lower maintenance cost, to the benefit of all.

The drafting of the Position Paper confirms Sinelec’s commitment to promoting open innovation, building strong partnerships with entities, institutions and academia in favor of the development of the entire industry.

SINELEC firmataria del Position Paper TTS ITALIA